Cycling with the mHand Adapt

Cycling with an arm prosthesis

At Moveable we stand for movement. Of course, cycling is part of that! What should you pay attention to?

  • A good posture when cycling
  • Adequate grip and handlebar control
  • Sufficient flexibility for cornering
  • Safety in critical situations

What are the possibilities?

  • Cycling with the stump against the handlebars - poor posture leads to back pain, insufficient control in critical situations.
  • Cycling with support for the stump - better posture, but still little control.
  • Cycling with the daily prosthesis - you just have to try this. Check the points mentioned above. Sometimes an adjustment to the bike can significantly increase safety and comfort.
  • Sporty cyclists often use a special bicycle prosthesis, such as  the Dutch Free Lock system ( as shown on the right. Such solutions are custom made to the wishes of the user.

Do you want to cycle easily and safely without adjustments* to your bike? Read more about how you can do that with the mHand Adapt!

Cycling with arm prosthesis

Safe cycling with the mHand Adapt

  • The hand closes by itself when getting on your bike an putting load on your hand. You can decide for yourself how firm the grip should be.
  • Thanks to the flexible finger mechanism, the grip remains optimal during cycling and cornering without you having to do anything.
  • In the curves the mHand Adapt adapts its shape to the orientation of the handle bar.
  • And last but not least: in a dangerous situation you can always quickly take the mHand Adapt off the handlebar due to its flexibility.

The story of Giel

"At first I cycled with my stump against the handlebar but had little control. When I fell off my bike, I suffered a broken bone. My CPO then provided me a special bicycle prosthesis, a kind of hook. This gave me more control, but I couldn't let go of the handlebars fast enough. After a near-accident, in which someone opened a car door just in front of me, I stopped cycling.

While testing the mHand Adapt, you asked me about cycling and you understood my doubts. Nevertheless, I tried, and it felt very good. I feel much safer on my bike now".