mKnee Series

Only the best for your child

A proper gait pattern is important for children with above knee prostheses. The mKnee product range consists of ultralight and compact pediatric prosthetic knees that support an optimal gait pattern through a hydraulic swing phase control. 

The mKnee Explore and Play can be tested by any child in close coordination with your CPO!

The mKnee in brief

The mKnee is available in multiple sizes, allowing the knee to "grow" with the children. For each age there is a version whose weight, robustness and control match the children's activity.

Toddlers as young as 1.5 years old get used to walking early on with the mKnee Explore with proper swing phase control. With the mKnee Play, school children from about 5 years of age can play unrestricted.

Youth  and adolescents can benefit from the mKnee Perform (available soon) without having to be careful with their prosthesis.

mKnee Explore pediatric prosthetic knee

How does the mKnee work?

  • The multi-axial mechanism ensures a high stability in the stance phase.
  • The hydraulic swing phase control ensures that the lower leg does not  lift too far in flexion and extends smoothly.
  • The mKnee extends comfortably without a hard (audible) stop.
  • The high flexion angle makes kneeling much easier.
  • The included dust cover and protection cap protect both clothing and the mKnee itself.


The mKnee is currently available in two versions:

  • mKnee Explore normal (CK01) and low (CK01-L)
  • mKnee Play, normal (CK02) and low  (CK02-L) version

More details can be found on the Dutch product page, this will soon be updated here.

Why the mKnee?

Typically, prosthetic knees for small children do not offer hydraulic swing control. As a result, the prosthesis is often too slow and children start learning an unnatural walking pattern in order to still be fast enough. Looking at the gait pattern, it is often quite obvious that the child is using a prosthetic leg.

The mKnee offers many advantages:

  • The knee is ultra-light and ultra-compact.
  • After only a few minutes, the child can use the knee effectively.
  • The swing phase control allows the child to walk more smoothly and keep up with his or her friends.
  • The child learns a natural gait pattern right away so that gait abnormalities do not have 'unlearned' later on
  • The knee is stable and durable.
  • Kneeling is easier because of the high flexion angle.
  • The knee has been extensively tested for durability and function