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mHand Adapt - the lightest!

Moveable introduces the mHand Adapt. The lightest hand on the market, which is intuitive and easy to use thanks to the patented mechanism. The hand adapts to the shape of the object to be gripped and thus always ensures a firm grip.


Our prostheses are not only for better movement, they are also there to last longer. Every prosthesis we develop at Moveable, including our mHand Adapt, is extensively tested during development.

For example, the hand 'lifted' a weight of 10 kg 100,000 times and a weight of 10 kg 30,000 times in our test setup. The inner mechanism also had to pass a test with sand and water.

You can also test the mHand Adapt extensively. For this you can contact your CPO or rehabilitation doctor, or us directly.


We make our prostheses for a long life.


Our prostheses are well thought-out based, on years of experience


The satisfaction of the users of our solutions is always a priority.

always better

We continuously improve our solutions together with partners.