mHand Adapt PH01-300 (S)

Our small mHand Adapt is a normal women / small male size hand. It provides the user with multiple gripping patterns. No recharging or cable harness is required, thanks to the mechanical technology. The prosthesis is lightweight and easy and intuitive to use. With a well fitting cosmetic glove, the mHand Adapt is complete.

  • TypemHand Adapt PH01-300 (S)
  • Weight170 gram
  • Length169 mm
  • Width74 mm
  • GloveL: Steeper F(T)SGL5 | R: Steeper F(T)SGL6


  • Ultralight multi-articulating hand
  • Intuitive and direct in ADL situations
  • Five grip patterns
  • Quick learning path
  • Nice cosmetic appearance with well fitting cosmetic glove
  • No cable harness needed
  • No charging needed

Directly available

Frequently asked questions about mHand Adapt PH01-300 (S)

Where can I test a Moveable product?

Every Moveable product can be tested. Contact your CPO or rehabilitation physician to arrange a product test.

Where can I buy Moveable products?

Contact your CPO or rehabilitation physician. They can order the products at Moveable.

Can the mHand also be worn without a cosmetic glove?

No, the mHand adapt does not have enough grip without a cosmetic glove to be able to grip objects properly. The mHand can manifest its advantages only in combination with a well fitting cosmetic glove.