mHand Adapt PH01-325 (M)

The mHand Adapt large corresponds to the medium size of a man's hand. It provides the user with multiple gripping patterns. No recharging or cable harness is required, thanks to the mechanical technology. The prosthesis is lightweight and easy and intuitive to use. With a well fitting cosmetic glove, the mHand Adapt is complete.

  • TypemHand Adapt PH01-325 (M)
  • Weight210 gram
  • Length172 mm
  • Width84 mm
  • GloveL: Steeper F(T)SGL1 | R: Steeper F(T)SGL2


  • Ultralight multi-articulating hand
  • Intuitive and direct in ADL situations
  • Five grip patterns
  • Quick learning path
  • Nice cosmetic appearance with well fitting cosmetic glove
  • No cable harness needed
  • No charging needed

Directly available

Frequently asked questions about mHand Adapt PH01-325 (M)

Where can I test a Moveable product?

Every Moveable product can be tested. Contact your CPO or rehabilitation physician to arrange a product test.

Where can I buy Moveable products?

Contact your CPO or rehabilitation physician. They can order the products at Moveable.

Can the mHand also be worn without a cosmetic glove?

No, the mHand adapt does not have enough grip without a cosmetic glove to be able to grip objects properly. The mHand can manifest its advantages only in combination with a well fitting cosmetic glove.