mKnee Series

mKnee is a series of robust children's knees that grow with the child. There is a version for every age, meeting the needs regarding weight, robustness and control. The mKnee explore is the smallest polycentric knee with hydraulic control available. With the mKnee, users get used to walking  with a normal swing phase at an early stage, without adapting improper walking patterns. With the mKnee series, children are not restricted in their activities.

  • TypemKnee Explore (CK01, 25kg) and Play (CK02, 45kg)
  • DescriptionPolycentric hydraulic prosthetic knee
  • Max. body weight25 kg (Explore) and 45 kg (Play)


  • Smallest and lightest hydraulic pediatric knee on the market
  • For children age 1 to 12
  • Robust design
  • Large flexion angle for playing
  • Natural swing phase
  • Safe and stable

Frequently asked questions about mKnee Series

Where can I test a Moveable product?

Every Moveable product can be tested. Contact your CPO or rehabilitation physician to arrange a product test.

Where can I buy Moveable products?

Contact your CPO or rehabilitation physician. They can order the products at Moveable.